Monday, October 22, 2007


Here's the model. I still have to add the little tail thing, but now I can start rigging and or layout. I still need to tweak some stuff on my bird rig. My buddy Alfredo is modeling my tree. A big thanks to him!


Greg Peltz said...

Hey Brett, everything is looking super awesome. I love seeing the progress on your project as you revamp and refine it! Is your bird character still the same?

Grudo said...

Hi brother!
time is running so fast, and I hope you're going well, and your project too, But it looks so great! I wish the best for you Brett. If you want, I will send you in time, some development pictures of our project in Paris. (Learning CG is so difficult for me).
But it's an honnor for me to be a part of your laptop man.

I miss u guys...

mario miranda said...


How's all the stress going? It looks like some of the designs changed, or is this a different character? Seems like it's all coming together man.

Leo Matsuda said...

Great Job, Brett! I really can't wait to see your film. I'm sure you'll be awesome!!! Ho'ws everything up in SF?

Vi-Dieu Nguyen said...

Small world.

Yeah thanks for letting me crash at your place. It's been fun. In the meantime, Brett, stay alive. We're all in this together!